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About us

Sparenity Nail Lounge's mission is to deliver incomparable nail care in a sanitary yet modern atmosphere. At Sparenity Nail Lounge, our clients, whether first-time or regulars are guaranteed a pleasant experience as well as service and pampering that exceeds expectations.  Sparenity Nail lounge will never compromise on quality to offer our clients an escape from their daily lives.

What makes us different from other nail spas:


-Highly indulgent spa services provided in a luxurious yet ultra-modern atmosphere


-Individualized service and unmatched customer service


-Experienced and licensed technicians with the highest levels of competence and professionalism. Our team of technicians are professionally trained in the most up-to-date products offered in the nail care industry.


- Unparalleled standards in salon hygiene and sanitation, highest in our industry, our client’s health and safety is our #1 priority.


-Disposable liners for all of our pedicures, autoclaved implements “hospital grade” sterilization then medical bagged implements are used for each individual client.


- Comfortable state-of-the-art pedicure chairs, no generic piped jets which can serve as breeding grounds for harmful germs and bacteria. Sparenity Nail Lounge's state-of-the-art pedicure chairs come with special liners that clients’ feet never have to touch the porcelain tubs and be exposed to other clients’ germs. Sparenity Nail lounge staff always thoroughly disinfect after each client by using hospital-grade disinfectants.


-Sparenity Nail Lounge offers huge assortments of products using only name brand products we have thoroughly researched over the 20 years combined experience.  Brands from OPI, CND, ESSIE, SNS, CREATIVE, PERFECT MATCH, KIARA SKY, LE CHAT, GELISH, EXTREME LASHES, CHINA GLAZE, ORLY, and many more.


- We offer complimentary beverages, including champagne, red wine, white wine, tea, and seasonal drinks.


“We didn’t invent the nail spa, we reinvented it!”